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Atlas Corner Group

One of the biggest draws our collection has to be the Corner Groups. Each model has it’s own individual merits, and so we come to the Greek Gods of our collection, The Atlas.

The Atlas Collection is a series of corner-groups, sofas, footstools & island units, and the Apollo armchair. The Atlas group features the highest back of all the corner groups, which is very supportive, given the generous 108cm depth of the Atlas pieces. Even the very tall amongst us, finds this a very comfortable and supportive model.

The Atlas features a Saddle arm, which in linen, velvets and textured fabrics, gives it a very tailored Italian look. In the casual cord velvets, it looks squashy and inviting, a sofa to spend the long Irish winter’s in. The matching chair for the Atlas is the Apollo Armchair. It features the round arm of the Atlas, but not the saddle arm, as those big-scale arms would overwhelm an armchair. The armchair is neater in depth, so it’s a very neat and cozy sit.