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Maintenance &
Electrical Services

At DMS, we understand the need for planned maintenance and the need to support requests for your projects in your timescale; we know it’s pointless sending you 80% of the products and that you need the full order to be shipped to accomplish the job in hand. We know that sometimes you are relying on spare parts or main components to carry out works and that sometimes, you have to organise contractors to work along side you and when you finally get them on site, you do not want to let them go until the job is finished. So if we did not fulfil your order on time, no one is going to be happy.

One of the toughest tasks at any Embassy is keeping abreast of M & E issues and especially planned (preventative) maintenance. Ask any one of the TWS Technicians at any Post in the world and they'll tell you what a tough job this is, especially in the most difficult 'hardship' Missions.

Dripping tap, Bathroom leak, window rattling, kettle 'blown', A/C not good enough, draughty windows, replacement lightbulbs, domestic central heating problems…. these are just some of the typical staff complaints, let alone the problems that can be found with the building itself.

We know planned maintenance jobs (and even emergency jobs) relying on local companies to show up on time or produce the right equipment and spare parts is difficult. We know that whether you just need a spare bag of nails or essential instruments and tools, you have asked for it because it is absolutely necessary to carry out your task. Having worked overseas for more than seven years in more than 65 countries, we can say from experience how much we can relate to this. So, if you are a Technical Works Officer reading this, Diplomatic Mission Supplies is on your side and you have our sympathy and understanding. Trust DMS with your requests however big or small and we'll support you all the way!