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The DMS range of sofas boasts British quality throughout. With sofas available in dozens of finishes and styles there is furniture appropriate to every posting. For more informations please get in touch with our staff who will be happy to talk you through the range.

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Collins Large Sofa Size: H89cm x W227cm x D107cm
Cumbria Chair Size: H99cm x W100cm x D94cm
Cumbria Large Sofa Size: H99cm x W203cm x D97cm
Cumbria Small Sofa Size: H99 x W172 x D97
Elija / Elisha Large Sofa Size: H90 x W92 x D97
Elijah / Elisha Chair Size: H90cm x W122cm x D97cm
Elijah / Elisha Small Sofa Size: H90cm x W188cm x D97cm
Elton Chair Size: H94 x W94 x D96
Elton Ladies Chair Size: H94 x W88 x D86
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